Ceramic Mosaic Patterned Waterline Tiles

These popular ceramic mosaic border tiles (or waterline tiles) add interest and are available in a multitude of colours and tile sizes. With ceramic patterned tiles you can achieve either a traditional or minimalist look and can choose a tile to either compliment or contrast your pool's interior colour.
Many people select their tile colours to match their pool paving, house trim colours or to fit in with an overall colour scheme.
A decorative waterline border will provide the finishing touch for your setting and a tiled waterline protects your investment and makes cleaning the pool easy.

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Styles of ceramic waterline tiles (see also glass waterline tiles)

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Diamond Borders

The borders pictured below are examples of what can be achieved using ceramic mosaics in a diamond pattern. Please feel free to specify your own colour combinations using up to three colours. If you decide to use one of our existing patterns, please specify the number when ordering. A 48mm diamond border is 174mm deep. This pattern is deep enough for waterlines on most pools. Check with your pool builder that this depth is sufficient.
Diamond #1 Dark Blue & White Border Tiles
CB800 Diamond #1 Dark Blue & White 48mm $49/lin m.
Diamond Dark Blue & White Border Tiles tiled as waterline tiles
CB800 Diamond #1 Dark Blue & White Border Tiles tiled as waterline tiles

CB802 Diamond #2 Reverse Dark Blue With White 48mm $49/lin m.

CB806 Diamond #4 Mid Blue Snake with Dark Blue & White 48mm $49/lin m.
Diamond #7 Black 48mm borderline tile
CB112 Diamond #7 Black 48mm $49/lin m.
Diamond Black borderline tiles shown in place
CB112 Diamond Black borderline tiles shown in place

CB108 Diamond #5 Black & White 48mm $49/lin m.

Tide Borders

The Tide Borders are a simple yet effective way to add a little or a lot of colour to a plain waterline tile. Below are some examples of what we came up with. The possibilities are endless and you can create your own pattern to order. The depth of this pattern is 200mm if using 23mm tiles or 220mm if using 25mm tiles.
Black and White Patterned Ceramic Mosaic Waterline Tiles
CB610 Black & White 23mm $55/lin m. (Depth is 200mm)
Black and White Patterned Ceramic Mosaic Waterline Tiles
shown tiled in a swimming poolBlack and White 23mm shown tiled in place
CB615 Bliss & White 23mm $55/lin m. (Depth is 200mm)

CB611 Atlantic & White 23mm $55/lin m. (Depth is 200mm)

CB614 Mediterranean Sea & White 23mm $55/lin m. (Depth is 200mm)

CB612 Neptune & White 23mm $55/lin m. (Depth is 200mm)

CB613 Coral Sea & White 23mm $55/lin m. (Depth is 200mm)

Cross Hatch Borders

The cross hatch pattern looks great in single or multi-colours. For those favouring a minimalist look, you can't beat a Cross Hatch border in one colour. The look of a Cross Hatch border is understated, yet elegant. Multi-colour designs enable you to bring extra life to the pool. White is very popular as the contrast colour and makes it easy for swimmers to see the wall of the pool.

The cross hatch pattern can be made out of various tile sizes. This design can be made deeper by incorporating extra rows of tiles. This is particularly helpful when renovating older pools as their skimmer box was often set lower than today's pools. The 100mm cross hatch border looks great on feature walls. Sheer descent waterfalls can be placed between the top of the tiles and the next row down.

CB201 Cross Hatch #2 Mediterranean Blue 48mm $55/lin m. (Depth is 215mm)

CB223 Cross Hatch #20 Dark Grey 48mm $55/lin m. (Depth is 215mm)

Other Borders

We do many other border patterns from the classical Greek Key to more modern patterns. Shown here below are more waterline patterns you can choose from.

CB414 Greek Key Neptune & White 23mm $55/lin m. (Depth is 225mm)

CB415 Greek Key Black 23mm $55/lin m. (Depth is 225mm)

CB413 Greek Key Mediterranean Sea & White 23mm $55/lin m. (Depth is 225mm)

CB416 Greek Key Dark Grey & White 23mm $55/lin m. (Depth is 225mm)

More info

With so many colour combinations to choose from every taste will be satisfied. You can even devise your own colour scheme and patterns. Simply specify each and our mosaic artists will put it together for you. Any pattern can also incorporate a row of 25mm tiles at the bottom. This is often done in fully tiled pools to delineate between the border and the rest of the tiles.

We supply matching ceramic or porcelain mosaics set square for use on feature walls or as step marker tiles. Step markers are often used as a safety feature in pools to indicate the edges of steps, swim outs and benches to assist with depth perception when entering or leaving the pool.

The tiles are glued to mesh in the specified pattern ready for the tiler to install. Fixing is easy for both straight and curved, concrete and fibreglass pools. What’s more, the fixing method is trouble free which means you won’t have to deal with lost tiles.

Disclaimer: Slight chipping in glass tiles is inherent of the product and not considered a defect. These chips normally get filled with grout and are barely noticeable once laid. Some glass mosaics exhibit hairline cracking on the surface of the tile. It is not considered a defect provided the crack does not go through the body of the tile. The colours shown here should be used as a guide only. All computer monitors vary and hence the colours will vary depending on the monitor on which they are viewed. For a more accurate indication of colours, ask your pool builder to show you tile samples.

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