CM133 Blue Green ceramic mosaic pool tile
CM133 Blue GreenCM133 Blue GreenCM133 Blue GreenCM133 Blue Green
NameBlue Green 58mm
DescriptionGo past the breakers where the ocean’s deep water can be wild and woolly. This ceramic tile mirrors the sensational deep blue green of the spell binding ocean. As a waterline tile it works well with light or dark, blue or blue-green water colours. The water colour when fully tiling with Blue Green is a deeply satisfying blue. With Blue Green the coast is clear and life is all plain sailing!
Fully tiled pool water colourBold teal, it’s not blue and it’s not green!
Approved usagePool tiles fully tiled and/or waterline, feature walls, bathroom walls
Tile Size58 x 58 x 5.2mm
Other sizes25mm
Sheet Size304 x 304mm
AvailabilityIn Stock
DeliveryAustralia wide despatched daily (find out more about our reasonable freight costs).

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