Why Tile your Pool?

Benefits of Tiles

Lining a pool with tiles has long been regarded as the premium finish for swimming pools. Tiles are regarded highly due to their appearance and superior durability. On a practical level, they are easier to clean than cement based rendered surfaces such as pebblecrete used in concrete pools and require less maintenance.

In general there are two types of tiles used as pool mosaics - ceramic mosaics and glass mosaics. A mosaic tile is generally any tile under 100mm in size. They are normally supplied with a mesh backing to form a sheet of tiles, around 300x300mm in size.

Traditional pool mosaics are ceramic mosaics. They have been used in pools for centuries and stand the test of time. Tilers also love laying them as they stick to pools really well. They range in size from 23mm to 58mm.

Glass mosaics have gained popularity over the past 10 years for swimming pools, spas and water features. Since they are made from glass, the don't have the same pores as ceramic tiles which means that tilers need to add extra latex additives to help them stick to the shell of the pool. Glass mosaics are generally more expensive than ceramic mosaics to buy and lay. The main reason why you would choose a glass mosaic tile is due to the huge range of colours and their special effects such as 'Pearl' and 'Crystal'.

Why use Waterline Tiles?

Waterline tiles provide the final finishing touch for your pool. Aesthetically, they allow you to match or contrast your pool colour and/or pool’s surroundings. Tiles can also help to make the pool bluer by using a dark blue waterline tile with a light coloured interior. Furthermore, waterline tiles avoid having a dry, washed out look between the coping and the water that you can get with render finishes.

On a practical level, tiles are easier to clean than cement based rendered surfaces such as pebblecrete used in concrete pools. Waterline tiles greatly increase the ease of cleaning the dirt that deposits on the walls of the pool at the waterline.

On fibreglass pools, waterline tiles give the illusion that the pool is constructed from concrete, as tiles are synonymous with concrete pools. Additionally, they protect the gel coat from the sun's rays.

Benefits of Fully Tiling

Fully tiling a pool is certainly regarded as the premium finish for concrete pools. Tiles are extremely durable as well as offering almost limitless design choices. They look fantastic, are easy to maintain and most importantly are gentle on your feet due to their silky smoothness.

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