Decorative stone pool skimmer box cover

In conjunction with Skimmer Lids Pty Ltd, The Pool Tile Company is now offering a range of the patented Skimmer Lids with natural stone infill which safely hide the pool’s skimmer box and make it flush with it's surrounds to reduce the risk of tripping.
See the range of our pool pavers that can be incorporated into this handsome skimmer lid design.
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Skimmer Lids care and maintenance

Care and maintenance information for QUAD - click here

Care and maintenance information for HIDE - click here

Pool Skimmer box cover infill material available

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Patented Pool Skimmer Lid Features

  • Makes the opening to the skimmer box far less obtrusive by camouflaging the cover, or "lid".
  • Attractive skimmer lid design with custom or stock stone infill is protected by Australian Patents.
  • The skimmer cover is "chameleon-like" in that it is designed to "disappear" into the surrounding paving.
  • Safe for children, pool builders and pool tilers.
  • Water jet manufacturing process ensures tight tolerances and a great finish.
  • Durable marine grade 316 stainless steel tray and safety key.
  • Skimmer box cover satisfies all safety requirements including electrical, ventilation and is child-proof.

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